SAP Adds Support to BusinessObject Cloud

November 8, 2016 itenterprise 0

Support for Big Data sources and machine learning has been added by SAP to its cloud BusinessObjects like Google BigQuery, SparkSQL, and Amazon Redshift as well as interfaces such as the SAP Digital Boardroom and Microsoft’s Surface Hub. A year […]

SAP Big Band, A Work Of Art

November 3, 2016 itenterprise 0

SAP Big Band has an astonishing musical power and rich sound. “Wanted Big Band” is the ad posted by Edda Seitz, new on the job at SAP in 1996. It could not have been guessed at that time these few […]

Intelligence Apps Are Changing The Way We Use Data

October 24, 2016 itenterprise 0

There is a paradigm shift in the Information Technology very often. Some of the instances are theadvent of client/server computing, cloud computing, development of web-based apps, thetransition from command line to graphical user interface and recently the mobile explosions.   […]

SAP Hybris Smarten Up The Beer Shelf

October 18, 2016 itenterprise 0

According to the Brewers Association Craft Brewer, produced 24.5 million barrels, which represents a 21 percent share in the market with a retail value estimated at $22.3 billion last year. Chief economist Brewers association, Bart Watson mentioned in a statement […]

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