Microsoft Surface Phone Specs Rumored

February 28, 2017 itenterprise 0

The Microsoft’s Surface Phone has had its fair share of rumors. Internet was flooded with the news, leaks, and rumors about the Surface Phone. However, the company has not disclosed any official release dates. Some of the leaks have suggested […]

Apple Acquired Domain

February 25, 2017 itenterprise 0

The last prominent web address domain, it did not administer that users could have linked with its online sync and storage service has been taken into administrative control by Apple this week. According to a report, the company has […]

RefurbishedNote 7 To Hit The Market

February 25, 2017 itenterprise 0

According to a report in order to avoid environmental costs and minimize profit damage, Samsung will be selling the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The report also mentioned that the company would reduce the original capacity i.e 3500mAh. Samsung may […]

When Will Microsoft Announce Surface Successor?

February 25, 2017 itenterprise 0

Fans and users are anticipating to see the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 at the upcoming MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017. However, the Redmond-based company hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the same. Though the information saying that the Surface Pro […]

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