Nvidia Shield Gets 4K And HDR Features

January 9, 2017 itenterprise 0

Targeting improved video streaming and gaming, Nvidia has rolled out a Shield TV console incorporating it with HDR and 4K capabilities. The Shield running on Android is also capable of being a voice assistant. It’ll get Google Assistant to TVs […]

Alexa Can Now Be Your Kitchen Assistant

November 22, 2016 itenterprise 0

Cooking was never been so popular but thanks to the television chefs and their immensely popular televised competition shows, it is now. Cooking a meal in a chef’s attire from scratch has become a popular spectator show nowadays. MasterChef, Master […]

Intel To Animate The Sky With Drones

November 18, 2016 itenterprise 0

Just like a firework display, drone shows can be fun to watch. An army of hundreds of drones moving in a coordinated fashion is something that Intel has done recently. But now the company is taking that show to another […]

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