Cloudbleed: ACloudfare Bug

March 2, 2017 itenterprise 0

There is no sign of the exploitation of the bug said Cloudfare. However, it will be better to stay protected they added. Following is the description of the bug and what precautionary measure is to be taken. What is the […]

Storage Pricing Simplified By Amazon

November 23, 2016 itenterprise 0

With a series of price cuts AWS (Amazon Web Services) has simplified what its customers pay for the storage products. S3 (Simple Storage Service) the company’s popular service that had six pricing tiers earlier have now only three with a […]

Amazon Subtly Launched Server Migration Service

October 26, 2016 itenterprise 0

Amazon quietly launched a cloud service this week in anticipation of simplifying the process of moving legacy applications to the cloud. To set up the incremental duplication of virtual machines from their on-premises organization to Amazon’s cloud the appropriately dubbed […]

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