WD Start Manufacturing The 3rd Generation Of 3-D NAND Flash Chips

WD Start Manufacturing The 3rd Generation Of 3-D NAND Flash ChipsThe third generation of 3-D NAND flash chips with increased number of layers to 64 from 48 to allow double the capacity is been manufactured by WD (Western Digital). The product has been manufactured in the WD’s Yokkaichi, Japan joint venture fabrication plant.


The partnership SanDisk and the NAND flash creator Toshiba announced in 2015 started the production of 48 layer 3-D NAND product using BiCS (Bit-Cost Scalable NAND) tech with a 32 GB (256 Gbit) of capacity. SanDisk has been acquired by WD in March for $19 billion. BiCS3 the latest iteration of the 3-D NAND tech whose cells are stacked in a vertical manner, unlike 2-D NAND devices.


Siva Sivaram, executive VP of WD memory technology, said, “The launch of 3-D next generation tech based on the 64 layer architecture fortify our leadership in the industry”. Advancing in the high aspect ratio semiconductor processing alongside the 3-bits per cell technology to deliver higher capacity, better performance and reliability will be featured by the BiCS3. WD is not alone in this race as Samsung has introduced the vertical TLC “V-NAND”. A 32-layer cell structure based on Charge Trap Flash (CTF) and vertical interconnect process technology to link the cell array.