Verizon Announced Its Software Defined Network Service

Verizon announced its software defined network serviceVerizon declared enterprise services defined and activated through software on Thursday. The step is targeted to help both customers as well as the carrier to respond more quickly as per requirement and save money. This service from Verizon is announced a few days later AT&T’s announced its software-defined services.


A progress in NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and SDN (Software Defined Networks) is marked by this announcement. Verizon’s services such as WAN optimization, security and SD-WAN can run in the cloud, customer’s own site or both which use tech from Juniper Networks, Viptela, Fortinet, Riverbed Technology, Palo Alto & Cisco systems. Verizon’s services will be available in 53 countries starting this month and will be extended to 67 by the end of August.


A report mentioned that though the services are similar in concept but are different in the enactment. Verizon calls its gear “gray box while AT&T has more of a pure “white box” strategy. The Gray Box from Verizon has more intelligent equipment than AT&T’s White Box. Verizon is building its foundation with the help of its partners while AT&T’s virtual network is based on its own open source software platform.

This dynamism is significant as enterprise change their approach a lot these days.