Nvidia’s new Quadro P6000 GPU can provide 12 teraflops of performance


Nvidia’s new Quadro P6000 GPU can provide 12 teraflops of performanceBased on the Pascal Architecture Nvidia just keep on boosting its new GPUs. Quadro P6000 the latest from Nvidia can deliver 12 teraflops of single precision performance which is better than the Titan X’s 11 teraflops.

Special effect application, CAD/CAM application and HD video editing on a workstation are what the P6000 is aimed at. The Quadro P6000 was announced at the SIGGRAPH, a computer graphics trade show in America on Monday. The Quadro has 24 GB GDDR5X memory and 3840 cores with a support of 432 Gbps of memory bandwidth. Details of availability and pricing of the GPU is not yet known.

P6000 can render 3D video faster with its internal pipelines. With a support of 4K at 120 Hz and 5K at 60 Hz, the GPU is incorporated with 4 display ports. Though the company claimed P6000 to be considerably faster than its predecessors, but comparison figures are not been provided by the company.

M6000 is the company’s current GPU with GDDR5 memory, lower memory bandwidth and delivers the single precision performance of 7 teraflops. The M6000 is based on Maxwell Architecture. The company also announced a Quadro P5000 with 16 GB of GDDR5X memory clocked at 288 Gbps and 2560 cores, pricing for which is also not announced.

Nvidia Quadro dominating the GPU market for a workstation with P6000 being the fastest GPU from Nvidia as of now but faster chipsets are likely to follow.