Nougat is the new Android flavor

Nougat is the new Android flavorAndroid’s preceding OS releases nomenclature were based on names of foods. Android 4 is named KIT KAT, 5 is named LOLLYPOP, 6 is named Marshmallow and the new release is no different. Android 7 is named as Nougat.

Google on Thursday confirmed the N in its new OS release stands for Nougat. The naming convention depends on two guidelines, first, it has to be an alphabetical successor of the previous version and second, it has to be a dessert.

Google, this time, took fan suggestions to decide the name. The idea for online polling started from a pun that Google CEO Sundar Pichai made when he traveled to India last year. “The nation’s 1.3 billion people could decide the name of an Indian Sweet”, he quoted.

A report mentioned that Google has received millions of propositions from the fans and among them Nougat is the most popular non-branded name. Which elucidated names Nerds or Nutella not been chosen by the company. Before only once the company has used a branded name was Android KIT KAT for which company required a licensed deal. Though the developer preview is out, the final release is expected later this summer.