Microsoft’s Strategy For .Net Core

Microsoft’s strategy for Net CoreMicrosoft the IT giant is planning an upgrade to the F# language, more APIs and expanded processor and Linus support as part of a roadmap for its open source .Net Core. The .Net Core is released as version 1.0 last month alongside ASP.Net Core 1.0 web application framework.

Scott Hunter a member of Microsoft’s .Net engineering team said, “Any of the missing APIs in the .Net Core will be brought back with this release such as serialization, networking and more”. These APIs will be part of .Net Standard 2.0, which will be rolled out at the same time, resulting in APIs being consistent across .Net Core, Xamarin & .Net Framework.

The .Net Core plans will also include F#, a Functional first language developed by the company. It is expected F# 4.1 will include a better IDE experience and full .Net Core support which is to be released later this year.

Tuples and pattern matching are the prime intentions of the company behind bringing the functional concept to .Net language. The languages are also scheduled to receive performance and code quality improvements. ARM 32 & 64 will be accommodated in the libraries and .Net Core runtime by next year according to Microsoft’s strategy.