Microsoft to collaborate with IBM for enterprise-friendly surface devices

Microsoft to collaborate with IBM for enterprise-friendly surface devicesAccording to a report from Microsoft the revenue generated by Surface devices is USD 1 billion every quarter.  The company is expecting to elevate that revenue by putting Surface devices as corporate desktops. To meet the needs of financial, consumer goods and retail organizations the Surface devices has to be tailored accordingly. To meet this goal Microsoft is partnering with IBM to write specific for Surface devices.

Enterprise PC upgrades are expected to pick up in the second half of this year. This is where Surface devices with tailored software’s are going to make the impression. Though organizations like NFL and Emirates Airlines are using the Surface tablets but these are more prevalent with professional consumers than enterprises.

Analytics, reporting, employee productivity, management, and forecasting are a few fields the IBM application will target. The custom software will take advantage of the surface features. With a focus on security and manageability of devices, Microsoft also made a deal with Booz-Allen Hamilton to work on surface tablets for healthcare, public sector and govt. organizations.

Alongside the deal with Dell last year, Microsoft also launched a Surface Enterprise Initiative of which all this is a part.  With the termination of Surface 3, a consumer version of Surface lineup the company is now targeting enterprises uniquely.