Microsoft tipoff Windows 10 Anniversary Update release

Microsoft tipoff Windows 10 Anniversary Update releaseMicrosoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update was scheduled to August 2 according to Microsoft web post. The post though was been removed shortly after it went online.

Work on Win 10 Anniversary Update was at max throttle, and users expecting it to arrive in the month of July the same as win 10 Anniversary but Microsoft accidental post shows otherwise.

According to a post, Microsoft mentioned that the final build will arrive as version 1607, where 16 denote year and 07 denote month of release i.e July 2016. But now that Microsoft hints an August release the version might be 1608. Although there is no information about this from the company.

It is also worth mentioning that despite the August 2 hint by Microsoft the Windows insider will receive the update at least a week earlier than the final release which will be July 2016.

It feels that we know a lot about the final version of Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update but there is yet a lot to come in as a surprise. What are Microsoft’s intentions with the peek at the possible release date and what version, still remains a question? But as of now, it is clear that the final version of win 10 Anniversary update is on right tracks and as expected, it will be stable and fast.