Google Boost Up Security For Kernel

Security Kernal

Google Boost Up Security For KernelThe hard work of developer’s to incorporate latest versions of Linux Kernel defenses into the operating system has paid off as the upcoming Android versions will be irrepressible to abuses. The Kernel is the most privileged area of the operating system as Android is based on the Linux kernel.


Developers are always on their toes to add some new security features to the kernel in order to prevent the malicious codes affect it. SEAndroid (Security Enhancement of Android) is based on an NSA-developed SELinux project, kernel add-on which specific susceptibilities effect by enforcing access control. Android Jelly Bean and above are incorporated with SEAndroid to impose application boundaries.


Changes to reduce attack surface and various memory protections like kernel security additions which will make the Android Nougat and upcoming versions difficult to hacks, were publicized by Jeff Vander Stoep, a member of the Android security team in a blog post. Protection against a family of memory corruption susceptibilities stack-based buffer overflow has also been added and improved by adding more array types.


The OS’s media handling processes which are recently been a source of many susceptibilities is also been taken care of by the Android developers.