Google Acquired For Building Chatbots Quicker

1it enterprise

1it enterpriseWith the acquisition of, an aids developers build and advance conversational interface for their services Google took a blow at the Facebook’s chatbot building service. For apps like Facebook messenger, Kik and Slack has over 60,000 developers using it to create the conversational user interface. To phrase human language and decode it into action the company’s tools come in handy. A huge suite of capabilities for natural language understanding is been offered by the company. To help the assistant understand the basic common request these suits include pre-defined knowledge packs called Domains. also has a chatbot of its own with a 40 million plus users apart from the offering for the developers. Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO at said in a statement the merger with Google will let them accelerate the improvements and services towards their growing developer community.  They want to make sure their developer community gets the best technology available in the fields if Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with the help of Google’s infrastructure, knowledge and support. The announcement of the Google Allo an upcoming chat app which will allow users to add a bot in conjunction with the humans. might give developers as added advantage towards it.