Energy predicament was foreseen: Cloud computing is the key

Energy predicament was foreseen Cloud computing is the keyThe adoption of Cloud computing has stopped the increase in energy consumption in private Data Centers in the US mentioned a report. The energy consumption increased 90 percent from the year 2000-2005 & 24 percent from 2005-2010 but from the year 2010-2014 the increase in energy requirement is only 4 percent, which is very less as compared to the previous decade. The report also added that the energy uses will remain persistent through 2020.

The enterprises stop building new Data Centers        every time they ran out of capacity is what making the Cloud greener. Rather they have turned to cloud providers. Millions of dollars are spent adding new Data Centers every year with servers working at about 5 percent efficiency, which is not only waste of energy but also a whole lot of raw materials too. Server sharing is the key to doing more with less raw material and energy.

More and more enterprises should be motivated to move to the cloud, in order to make their computer system more efficient. Which will instead need fewer servers to sustain the workload and hence less energy.  The real value of cloud will be known when we stop building Data Centers and share servers in order to consume less power and raw material.