Apple Acquired Domain

1it enterprise

1it enterpriseThe last prominent web address domain, it did not administer that users could have linked with its online sync and storage service has been taken into administrative control by Apple this week. According to a report, the company has acquired control of the server this Tuesday. The cross-device, cross-OS service that stores files spawned by iOS and macOS, and moreprominently, coordinates everything from Safari browser bookmarks to photographs between iPads, Macs and iPhones is already been ruled by Apple. As a record,, and are all owned by Apple. Just days before Steve Jobs, Apples then CEO unveiled the firm’s new cloud-based services back in 2011 the company has acquired The URL has been purchased by Apple from Xcerion, a Swedish company that used the URL as an online file-storage service.


The directs visitors to a small Asia based social network as of today however, this will not continue for long. The site’s homepage exhibit a message that said the service would be closed at the end February and all user data would be “destroyed at March 1, 2017. A message saying February 20 as the shutdown dead line was been displayed earlier by the site’s owner Tong Lei.