AMD incorporated SSD into Graphics Card


AMD, SSDThe new graphics card from AMD will be incorporated with an SSD (Solid State Drive) in an effort to squeeze every drop of performance from the GPU. The inclusion of an SSD in the graphics card will improve the VR and gaming experience.


The previous 32 GB of memory on AMD graphics cards has limitations when a large amount of data has to be processed. The 1 TB SSD onboard of the Radeon Pro Solid State Graphics card can be used as a storage or as an add-on for the virtual memory on board. Also, the additional storage can now store processed graphics and videos that are lined up for delivery to the screen.


The increasing size of data such as video and pictures from a 360-degree camera can be stored in the GPU’s SSD and will take comparatively less time to reach the graphics card. 4K video streaming to multiple screens will be a breeze and the time needed for a graphics intense game to load can be reduced significantly.


Raja Koduri, senior VP and chief architect of AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group said, “AMD can release the final product in the first quarter next year even though the product is now in the concept stage and is being tested”.