LTE for IoT Mobile Devices

June 29, 2016 itenterprise 0

Some of the advanced modems for mobile devices are made by Qualcomm. And Qualcomm is in the process of tuning them to work with battery-powered devices by lowering the power and performance improvement. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi being common features already […]

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai’s account hacked

June 29, 2016 itenterprise 0

Quora account of Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google was hacked last Sunday. OurMine a hackers group responsible this hack said, “More targets will follow”. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was a victim of this very group earlier this month. The message, […]

Intel to Trade Its Cyber Safety Segment

June 27, 2016 itenterprise 0

Intel the company we know for making chips for our computer and mobile devices is pondering about selling its security business. Intel will start making chips for cloud computing and took the step to avoid any further distraction from the […]

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